Add scent without the mess.
Fish Allure is a scented bait decal that can be applied to any hard lure. Just

Peel  Stick  Catch!

all scents 

BassMaster Elite Pro Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis explains the importance of adding scent to your lure and the ease of applying scent with a Fish Allure tab.

How Does It Work?

The decal is simple to apply and lasts up to 60 minutes when wet.  Fish Allure doesn’t wash off when it hits the water like fish oils, sprays or sticks.  The water activates the amino acids in the decal and releases scent continuously, only while wet! This means that the active ingredients are never wasted or evaporated – YOU control when the tabs are activated.  

No mess, no spoiled tackle boxes and no waste.

Join the Fish Allure revolution and try the fish attractant that has taken the industry by storm!

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