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So, how was Fish Allure™ developed?

Fish Allure™ scented bait tapes are very different from other fish attractants on the market because of the way the product was born. According to Berry Decker, PhD. at Chemsultants Intl. Inc, who was instrumental in the creation of the final product, the progression of the product happened something like this:

“The inventor of Fish Allure™, Stan Harpstead from Rubigo Technologies, developed a proprietary technology which works well for highly-breathable medical wound care dressings, or certain transdermal drug delivery patches. In searching for other applications he turned to the sport fishing marketplace and conceived a patch that could deliver certain scents to artificial lures. 
Both fishermen and scientists know that fish recognize their preferred food through sight AND smell.  Scientists have shown that amino acids (protein building blocks) are the essence responsible for the smell and fish love them! We’ve added various amino acids into our Fish Allure™ film to provide the scent that will ATTRACT FISH once they are released from our product. This technology uses special polymers as carriers for the amino acids.  It is water activated…perfect for fishing!  The scent gradually releases over 60 minutes of time after it is immersed into water.“

The sport of fishing will never be the same, thanks to a group of scientists merging science with sport.  Chemsultants Intl. Inc. and Rubigo Technologies collaborated for over 18 months to bring an advanced medical technology to the Sport Fishing Industry with an innovative new product, Fish Allure™. Together, we developed a prototype, tested and optimized the delivery of our amino acids based on market feedback, scaled up a process and entered into mass production for commercial entry into this new category of scented sport fishing bait.  And, after the product launch at ICAST, Fish Allure™ is finding its way across the United States.   



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